Valoriza Minería, as a subsidiary of the Sacyr Group, contributes to the generation of sustainable value in the communities where we are present, through the development of our activities and the promotion of environmental and social initiatives; and it is from the Corporate Social Responsibility area where initiatives in the same field are defined and developed in all Group companies.

Valoriza Minería is fully aligned with the commitments of the Sacyr Group as part of our way of being:

We promote these strategic lines and understand sustainability as a catalyst for our business model in generating value for our stakeholders.

Through our Corporate Social Responsibility Master Plan we assume a global commitment to the societies where we carry out our activities, a commitment that is in the DNA of our corporate culture, which is also the origin of a management based on excellence.

As a result of this dialogue with society, we identify the objectives, commitments and lines of action that structure our CSR Master Plan and with which we respond to the challenges presented by the societies where we are present (Guidelines for action).

The body responsible for all initiatives in this area is the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, composed of one or several representatives from each business area, as well as from each of the corporate units most closely linked to a responsible management of the company.

In Valoriza Minería we also contribute to the progress and welfare of the communities where we carry out our activities through our Foundation. Through the Sacyr Foundation we developed a wide range of initiatives within the social field that can be grouped into two categories: Impulse to Innovation and social action.

In 2007, the Sacyr Group, and its constituent companies, adhered to the United Nations-sponsored by Global Compact, in which the Group commits itself to supporting and implementing ethical principles based on universal declarations and conventions on Human rights, labour standards, the environment and the fight against corruption

In addition to this, the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) are an additional guide to our CSR strategy to focus our efforts in the search for a better development of the communities where we develop our activities.


Equality Plan

We understand that differences (gender, age, ethnicity, culture, religion and functional diversity, among others) are a competitive advantage that brings added value to our Group, so we promote inclusive practices from all levels of the Organization. In the Sacyr Group we are committed to equality and the fight against all kinds of discrimination and gender violence. To that end, in Valoriza Minería there is an Equality Plan which sets out a number of awareness initiatives in this area, of which we highlight a few: Agreements with Educational Institutions, Public Administration and Foundations, and the first Zumba Solidarity Marathon against gender violence.



We firmly believe that the balance between personal and professional life is not only necessary and possible, but also favours our commitment to the Organization and our level of motivation and involvement in the work we do. To this end we created in 2014 the Sacyr Conciliation Project, through which we develop initiatives that promote this balance.

A day with no School: this initiative has been launched in the City of Madrid and offers recreational, educational and sports activities to the children of employees on non-school days but workdays.


Employment Agreements

Inserta Agreement with the ONCE Foundation to facilitate the incorporation of 50 people with functional diversity into the Sacyr group's workforce over the next five years.

Collaboration agreement with the Carmen Pardo-Valcarce Foundation for the accomplishment of practices by students with functional diversity, having incorporated some of them to the workforce after their internship period.


Sacyr Foundation

Sacyr’s Sport Club, whose purpose is the promotion and practice of physical activity and make sports practice become a habit for the largest number of employees of Sacyr, in order to improve their health condition; As well as promoting off-the-office activities to improve their work environment.

Sacyr Innovation Awards, through which the Sacyr Foundation aims to encourage and promote the development of startups to add them the value of participating in the experience and our support in its evolution process and market entry.

Collaboration Agreement with the Superior Council of Sports, which establishes the endowment of five annual scholarships to five athletes proposed by the CSD.



Environmental volunteering day, with tree planting in the Community of Madrid by Sacyr Fluor employees.

Renovation of our vehicles fleets by others of greater efficiency in the consumption of fuels and in the reduction of emissions to the atmosphere.


Social Action and Volunteering

Solidarity Meals Campaign - Madrid. In the Sacyr Group, we have been collaborating with the Food Bank of the Community of Madrid in the collection of food since 2012. Thanks to the collaboration of the Sacyr employees, a large amount of food was distributed to charities working on the assistance and direct care of the people most in need.

Clothing collection campaign. We participate, along with Cáritas, in the collection of clothes for the less favoured groups. Thanks to the enormous effort made by the workers of Sacyr, a great amount of clothing was gathered and distributed among more than 200 people that come weekly to the Parish of Santa Micaela and San Enrique, near our central offices.

Toys Collection Campaign. For the fourth year in a row at Sacyr we are committed to helping those most in need, especially children. For this reason, we collaborate with the Foundation Any Help, struggling against the risk of social exclusion, delivering toys donated by employees of Sacyr which were then distributed to the neediest population of Parla and Real Cañada. The campaign was a success and more than 400 children saw fulfilled the dream of having a gift on Kings day.

For more information, consult the SACYR INTEGRATED REPORT 2017, available on our website