Valoriza Minería

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Valoriza Minería is created in 2014 with the aim of developing mining projects from an overall point of view, since the exploration and investigation phase to the exploitation of the minerals and the closure and restoration of the land, dealing with the administrative and technical works. 

Valoriza Minería has reached strategic agreements with leading companies and has performed a rapid rise in its short existence, quickly spreading around the Spanish territory. 

Through its subsidiaries, the company is focused on two different stages; the development of investigation permits to create new profitable and sustainable mining projects and the exploitation and management of that projects.


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Tungsten San Finx

Logo San Finx

.                                                                                                                                                                  In 2015, Tungsten San Finx reopened the San Finx Mine exploitation, to produce Tungsten and Tin concentrate.


Tungsten San Juan

Logo ETC

.                                                                                                                                                                  Tungsten San Juan is the W-Sn Cluster of Valoriza Minería and it´s currently focused on the South of Galicia, NW Spain.                                                                       .


Tecnología Extremeña del Litio

Logo Tecnologia Extremeña de Litio

.                                                                       Tecnología Extremeña del Litio is the newest Valoriza Minería´s subsidiary. It was created to develop a high potential lithium ore in Caceres in collaboration with Extremadura Mining.


Río Narcea

Rio Narcea

Valoriza Minería has recently acquire Rio Narcea Recursos and Rio Narcea Nickel, previous Lundin Mining subsidiaries in Spain, owners of the Niquel Mine of Aguablanca and more than 20 Investigation Permits in Ossa-Morena (including the highly developed project “Alconchel”) and the Iberian Pyritic Belt.