Huércal-Overa Co-Cu

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The Investigation Permit Huércal-Overa is located at the north of the Andalusian province of Almería (SE Spain), within the municipality of the same name. The distance to Cartagena, one of the biggest ports of Spain is approximately 100 km, the same distance than to Almería capital.

During the XIX and XX century, under English management, there was a mine in the area called Mina Cuesta Alta, with very high grades in secondary mineralization of Cobalt. The main indicated in the investigation is related to the old area of Cerro Minado, where Copper, Nickel and Cobalt where beneficiated. 


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Economic mineralization is concentrated nearly overthrust fault, between the carbonate rocks and the phyllonites from the basal detachment fault. Dolomite have often been intensely fractured, developing a millimeter quartz vein stockwork system where the Co-Cu-Ni mineralization is hosted. 

The primary cobaltic ore that is more present in the deposit is formed by rich in Cobalt elements from the series cobaltite (CoAsS)-gerdosfitite (NiAsS).