Ossa Morena Cu-Au


The Ossa Morena Zone (OMZ) is located within a metallogenic geological province with potential for economic concentrations of metals including copper, gold, iron, and nickel, extending 400 km from Portugal to the Guadalquivir basin in the north of Andalucia and Extremadura. The OMZ is one of the several tectono stratigraphic units that have been traditionally recognized in the Iberian Massif. It lies between the Central Iberian Zone (CIZ) to the north and the South Portuguese Zone (SPZ) to the south which hosts the famous Iberian Pyritic Belt, well known internationally with a mining history stretching back over 3,000 years and contains the world’s largest concentrations of massive sulphide deposits. It is a rich source of base metals such as copper, lead and zinc, as well as precious metals including gold and silver.

One of the most relevant features of the OMZ is the Olivenza-Monesterio Antiform. This crustal scale structure extends over 300 km along an NE-SW trend and it is divided by a ductil shear zone. Various igneous events took place in this major tectonic zone from Lower Cambrian to Carboniferous times. All this complexity produced the perfect setting for mineral deposits. A large number of mineral occurences and mines are situated along this structure.



Valoriza Mineria holds exploration rights over an area of 1,240 km2, with 21 Investigation Permits and Aguablanca mine. This sparsely populated area is well suited to exploration and mining with mines and quarries operating locally. The Ossa Morena Copper Belt properties represent an excellent opportunity seeking well developed, permitted and yet untested, drill ready targets. Additional exploration potential exists for copper-gold and nickel-copper mineralization within this area and it has an established infrastructure that could afford an immediate entry into a potential new district of high-grade cupper production.