Valdeflorez Project Li


The Valdeflórez Project is the result of an agreement with Plymouth Minerals to develop a Lithium project located in the same area than the historic San José mine, located near Cáceres (Extremadura). This joint venture will result in the creation of a technological new project to benefit Lithium under Tecnología Extremeña del Litio, a subsidiary of Valoriza Minería.

The San José Mine is a historical tin mine that operated in the 1960's with subsequent exploration and feasibility studies between 1985 and 1991 focused on abundant lithium and tin mineralization. Historical underground mining activities deployed multiple shafts and adits with a gravity concentration plant used to process the ore on site. The historical exploration and development work included 8,399 m of drilling as well as technical work and feasibility studies indicating potential recoveries of 90% Li and 80% Sn.


Mina San José

Valdeflórez 2

The San José mine deposit is hosted in a slate formation from the Early Paleozoic Era. Mineralization can be divided into two main types:

- Quartz veins (stockwork mineralization) with Cassiterite and Amblygonite.

- A massive ore body, result of the metasomatic replacement of the hosting slate by lithium micas (Zimwaldite).

The existing information proves that the San José mine deposit is one of the most relevant lithium deposits in the world, and the Investigation Project is confirming and expanding that information to create a pioneer technological project.

Lithium is one of the 21st century metals due to the lack of high grade deposits. It´s expected to be the key element to give the significant step forward for the electric transition. The lithium batteries stand apart from other batteries because of their high charge density and high cost per unit. Also, they last longer than other batteries, like Ni-Cd, because of their more efficient charging cycle.

This project will give a boost to the economy of Cáceres, being the seed for potential investments related to this high value product and that will help to diversify the employment.